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  • 2014.11.21

    To all users:
    Thank you very much for your regular use of the Japan Connected free Wi-Fi app. As noted below, certain app functions will be unavailable due to system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience, and ask for your understanding in this matter.

    Services subject to interruption
    User registration function, Internet connection function

    Date and time of service interruption
    November 26th, 2014 (Wed), 2:00 to 4:00

  • 2014.10.30

    You can use Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi in the following areas!
    ・KUMAMOTO Pref.
    ・Fukuoka PARCO(Fukuoka)
    ・First Avenue Tokyo Station(Tokyo)

  • 2014.10.16

    Finding for a Wi-Fi spot near you is now possible.
    With Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, which is growing increasingly convenient, you can find Wi-Fi spots in and around major cities. Please give it a try.

  • 2014.10.01

    訪日旅客向けスマートフォンアプリ「Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi」にANAが参画します(Japanese Only)

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