Register! Register with an e-mail address


You need an Internet connection to register.
The first time the app is started it will download the most current data, so please start the app while your device has a stable connection to the Internet.

Start the app.
The latest information is downloaded automatically.
Read the “Terms of Use” and “Use for Tourism Development Purposes, etc.” Check “I agree to the Terms of Use and Use for Tourism Development Purposes, etc.,” and select “Register with an e-mail address.”
Enter the required information and tap “Next.”
Check the information you entered, and tap “Register.”
The app screen will change.
An e-mail containing a URL will be sent to the e-mail address you entered, so check your e-mail.
Access the URL from the e-mail.

If you do not receive an e-mail

Please make sure that your e-mail address was entered correctly.
To correct the e-mail address, tap “Return to the Registration Screen” on the app screen and enter your e-mail address again.

If you use e-mail filtering, make sure to allow e-mails from “”.

Once the web browser has started and the reception screen is displayed, start the app.
Registration completed!
Tap “Return to App Home Screen” and begin using the app.
(If the completion screen is not displayed)
Tap “Registration Status Confirmation” on the app screen.

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