Enhanced hospitality in the Three-Star Road area of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu
(Simplified Wi-Fi connecting procedure)

The area that stretches from Kanazawa to Gokayama, Shirakawa-go, Takayama, and Matsumoto that are home to tourism resources such as World Heritage Sites or National Treasures with 3-star ratings in the Michelin Green Guide Japan is an extended tourist route called the“Three-Star Road of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu,” and is a popular destination among many foreign tourists to Japan.
Five municipalities on the Three-Star Road of Hokuriku, Hida and Shinshu (Kanazawa city, Nanto city, Shirakawa village, Takayama city, and Matsumoto city) have formed an alliance to develop free public Wi-Fi networks. These networks use Japan Wi-Fi to simplify the connecting procedure (which previously used to require registration of email address at each location of use) to enhance hospitality for foreign tourists.

What is Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi?

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” (hereinafter “Japan Wi-Fi”)is a free Wi-Fi connection app for smartphones.(NTTBP offers this app)
Once you sign up, the app allows you to use free Wi-Fi safely, with a few simple operations, in the Three-Star Road area, at stores covered by Japan Wi-Fi, and numerous other spots(about 160,000 access points*1 at major airports, train stations and tourist facilities all around Japan).

*1 As of January 2018

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Access the URL below and download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


Signing up for the app is required only once, when you use the app for the first time. Then, starting the app and tapping the “Connect” button once will complete your authentication to make Wi-Fi connection available.

Free Wi-Fi spots of Three-Star Road area


Maps of free Wi-Fi spots in KANAZAWA


Maps of free Wi-Fi spots in NANTO


Maps of free Wi-Fi spots in SHIRAKAWA-GO


Maps of free Wi-Fi spots in TAKAYAMA


Maps of free Wi-Fi spots in MATSUMOTO

How to connect to free Wi-Fi

STEP① How to registration for Japan Wi-Fi App

STEP② How to connect Free Wi-Fi by Japan Wi-Fi App


iOS profile install

 iOS users must install profile by following instruction,
 if you use free Wi-Fi in City of NANTO

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