Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

Check which Wi-Fi networks you have connected to

On the “Connected” screen you can see which Wi-Fi network you have used to connect to the internet via Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect.

The number of times you have connected to the internet via Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect is displayed in ①.
The number of supported Wi-Fi services you have used is displayed in ②.
Tap the “ALL” button ③ to switch to the “Wi-Fi used before” screen.
From the “Wi-Fi used before” screen, you can check all of the supported Wi-Fi services that you have used so far.
The usage ratios of the Wi-Fi services you have used are displayed in ④. See if you can get your supported Wi-Fi service usage ratio to 100%!
With ⑤, you can see how many Wi-Fi services you have connected to this month, last month, and the month before last.

See details regarding Wi-Fi services.

Tap the name of a Wi-Fi service to display a screen with details regarding that Wi-Fi service.
From the Wi-Fi details screen, you can see Conditions for use, Terms of use, area information, and more.
You can change the automatic connection settings (referred to as “automatic authentication settings” on iOS).

Tap the Home icon to open the website for the Wi-Fi service.

Use the “Internet connection history” to see your connection history.

Tap “Internet connection history” to see the Wi-Fi services you have used most recently, together with the amount of time you were connected to them.

The “Internet connection history” screen can also be opened from the menu.