Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

Automatic Connection App
For Free Wi-Fi


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Be it at airports, inside trains, at convenience stores or cafes,
this app connects you to free Wi-Fi all over Japan.
This service is of course free.

Unable to launch apps on AndroidTM14 version 3.0.21 or earlier and how to avoid it

There are Wi-Fi Spots
All Over Japan

With More Being Added
As Time Progresses

Wi-Fi spot map

Access Points
From Reliable Providers

Only Connects to Wi-Fi Spots
That are Secure And Trustworthy

Supported Wi-Fi services

Know When You
Connect to Wi-Fi
At a Glance

Informs you in Real-time
About Connection Information

Usage flow

Doesn't Connect You to
Weak Wi-Fi Networks

Gives Preference to
Strong Wi-Fi Networks

This function is only compatible with the Android version.

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Usage example

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