Wi-Fi Column: Staying connected in Japan

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect Automatically Connects You to Free Wi-Fi Across Japan

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Japan's free Wi-Fi

Have you ever found yourself fretting over internet access while abroad? Internet access provides a huge amount of peace of mind -- it's definitely something you want, though ideally, you'd rather save your budget for the actual trip!

Although options like international roaming and prepaid SIM cards have become cheaper, the more you try to save on costs, the more you worry about hitting your data cap. In times like that, free Wi-Fi becomes a powerful ally in saving on data usage.

Free Wi-Fi spots in Japan can be found at international airports, like in Narita and Haneda, and in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka. They can also be found in public spaces such as train stations and tourist information centers, but also on bullet trains, express trains and highway buses.

Lawson, a flagship convenience store chain in Japan with countless outlets across the country, also offers free Wi-Fi in most of its stores!

Public phone booths that you often see on streets have free Wi-Fi, too.

public telephone in Tokyo

Automatically connect to free Wi-Fi spots across Japan

"Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect" allows you to automatically connect to free Wi-Fi spots across Japan just by installing the app and registering once. After that, there's almost nothing more you need to worry about. Simply visit a Wi-Fi spot, connect, and you're online. Plus, with the integrated map, finding nearby Wi-Fi spots is easy.

public telephone in Tokyo

public telephone in Tokyo

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect is an app run by NTT Group, one of Japan's largest telecommunications carriers, so you can rest assured that it won't connect you to any dubious Wi-Fi sources without clear providers.

Plan to have multiple communication methods when traveling

You might be thinking that you don't need free Wi-Fi because you have roaming, a pocket router or a SIM card, but don't let your guard down. It's wise to equip yourself with various communication options while on the move.

Although Japan's telecom infrastructure is vastly reliable, there are some instances where the mobile carriers' networks become severely congested, such as major train delays or in case of a natural disaster occuring. This can cause roaming, pocket routers and SIM cards to lose connectivity, leaving your planned means of communication unavailable.

public telephone in Tokyo

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect is a completely free service, with absolutely no hidden fees. Given it only connects you to trustworthy Wi-Fi networks, there's no risk in giving it a try.

Free Wi-Fi for travelers

Online reservations have become a requirement for many hotels and leisure facilities. Moreover, as society moves towards cashless transactions, the need for an internet connection when making payments has also increased.

Many of Japan's local governments and commercial establishments have installed extensive free Wi-Fi networks, driven by the desire to host visitors from overseas warmly. We believe it will surely be of help.

Please make full use of it and create wonderful memories of your time in Japan.

Install Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect here.

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