Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

The error message "You have reached the maximum number of authentication attempts for the day. Please try again at a later date." is displayed and I cannot connect to the internet. [iOS version]

Automatic authentication of a free Wi-Fi service whose maximum usage limit has been exceeded automatically turns OFF

Many free Wi-Fi services have daily maximum usage limits. Once the limit is exceeded, even if you connect to the Wi-Fi that day, you will not be able to use the internet . In that case, you will see an error like the one shown here, and automatic authentication will automatically turn OFF.

If you will use the free W-Fi on the next or subsequent days

Turn automatic authentication ON.
To turn it ON, move away from the Wi-Fi spot. Note that, if you try to return the setting to ON again on the same day, the error will be displayed again, and automatic authentication will turn OFF.