Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

What is the “Prioritize connection to supported Wi-Fi” function?

This function supports Android only.

This function gives priority to supported Wi-Fi with strong signals.

Where multiple Wi-Fi networks are available, the function gives connection priority to supported free Wi-Fi. Even if already connected to a non-supported Wi-Fi network, once a supported Wi-Fi network is detected the connection is automatically switched to it.

Where multiple Wi-Fi networks are available, the function connects to the one with the strongest signal. If the signal strength condition changes during connection, and a stronger signal is detected, the function switches from the current Wi-Fi to the stronger Wi-Fi.
This allows you to use free Wi-Fi in a better signal environment.

What happens if Automatic connection settings is OFF.

If you are already connected to non-supported Wi-Fi, you will not be automatically switched to supported Wi-Fi.
Where multiple Wi-Fi networks are available, the Wi-Fi to which you are connected depends on the signal strength conditions and on the device.

We recommend turning the function OFF if you are experiencing issues such as “It keeps switching to free Wi-Fi because there are Wi-Fi spots near my home, school, office,” or “The connection status is unstable,” or “I want to connect with priority to carrier Wi-Fi or pocket Wi-Fi.”

You can change at any time from “Connection / Notification.”

Open “Connection / Notification” from the menu and change from “Prioritize connection to supported Wi-Fi.”